Commissioners to give $20k to DPW to secure $57k grant

Grant helps recycling program provide new rolling recycling bins for curbside pickup

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Jan 15, 2016

The Emmet County Commissioners approved a donation to the Department of Public Works recycling program for $20,000 to help raise money for new recycling bins for curbside pickup. The department will provide the bins, which can hold up to 64 gallons of recycling materials, and include a lid and wheels.

The total costs for the new recycling bins is estimated at 320,000, and will serve 7,200 households.

Elisa Seltzer, director of the Department of Public Work, said the project has been successful at raising funds for the program. The townships and cities served with curbside pickup have all chipped in to the project, and the recycling department has also received grant funds from the state and other organizations.

 The Frey Foundation offered to provide a $54,000 grant to the recycling department, but on the condition that the county also chip in to fund the new recycling bins. Petoskey Plastics also offered to provide $10,000 with a similar requirement.

 “Typically the DPW stands alone. But for a project like this, it benefits a very large center of the county. I think it’s worth while. I would want to know that the county has some skin in the game,” said commissioner Shawn Wonnacott, who also serves on the public works board.

 Wonnacott said Seltzer plans to send out a request for proposals in January to keep the new recycling program moving smoothly.


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