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You care about your community.
You care about nature and the great outdoors.
You care about Michigan.
(And, yes, you care about your wallet.)

We do, too.

So together, we do the simple, everyday thing that addresses all these: recycling!

Thank you for recycling with us!

Your DPW Team

DPW Board

Dennis Keiser, Bear Creek Township Supervisor, Chair
William Dohm, Little Traverse Township Supervisor, Vice Chair
Jack Jones, Member At Large, Secretary
Arden Bawkey, Emmet County Drain Commissioner
Jonathan Scheel, Emmet County Commissioner
Leroy Sumner, Emmet County Road Commission
Betsy White, Emmet County Commissioner

DPW County Employees

Elisa Seltzer, Director – 231-348-0640
Don Mapes, Superintendent – 231-526-2031 x6
Jayna Steffel, Administrative Secretary (accounts payable and receivable) – 231-348-0640
Kate Melby, Communications and Education Coordinator – 231-348-0671
Lindsey Walker, Economic Development Liason–231-348-0648

Dan Cunning
Harold Evans
Mark Freske
Nicholas Guymer
John Harrington
(also Compost Site Operator)
Gary Hickman
Grady Smyley
DPW Attendants (they serve our customers, operate the Waste Transfer Station and drive the Recycling Trucks)

Josh Brubaker, Recycle Processing Operations Technician (includes shipping and receiving)

Roger Duffiney
Gary Moyer
Recycle Processors

We also would like to acknowledge the hard work of the contract employees who serve the DPW and the crew from Straits Area Services who sort the paper and plastics. Their contributions are invaluable!

Annual Report: The Whole Works

Our annual report to the Emmet County Board of Commissioners summarizes the biggest developments and highlights of the last year.  We call it The Whole Works 2015.  For past Annual Reports, visit our History page.

Solid Waste Ordinance 11-04

Emmet County’s new Solid Waste Ordinance 11-04 replaces the previous 99-40 Solid Waste Ordinance.