Happy Holiday Recycling!Holiday Recycling Robot

The winter holidays bring an avalanche of waste! Fortunately a lot of it is recyclable!

Curbside Recycling Collection on Regular Schedule This Week, Post-Holiday

Curbside recycling routes are being served on their USUAL DAYS this week, despite the recent holidays.

Tip:  The day your recyclables are picked up curbside will ONLY change when the holiday falls
on or before your regular collection day.

All laid out this means…

  • Memorial Day and Labor Day, which are always on Mondays, will always bump everyone’s curbside recycling day one day later.
  • Thanksgiving (always a Thursday), on the other hand, will only cause collection days to shift for those whose regular collection day is Thursday or Friday.
  • Then there are the major holidays which don’t fall on the same day of the week each year: New Year’s Day, the Fourth of July and Christmas. These will only delay your collection day if they fall on a weekday, on or before your regular collection day.