Food Waste and Cooking Oils

Give All Food A Future

Emmet County Recycling has received a grant from the Petoskey Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation to expand food scrap recycling to residents. The following options will be available to residents throughout 2017:

  • Earth Day Sale of compost bins, backyard digesters and rain barrels (see below for more details)
  • 600 kitchen collection bins will be given away with a pledge to reduce food waste as well as a tool kit on how to reduce food waste
  • Food scrap drop off locations at the Harbor Springs Farmers Market (Wednesdays), Petoskey Farmers Market (Fridays), and at our Pleasantview Drop-off Center
  • Sale of loose and bagged compost made at our compost facility in Harbor Springs

Earth Day Sale

Pre-orders are encouraged in order to guarantee you get the bin(s) you want. Pre-order deadline is April 12th. 

Pick up is April 22, 2017 from 9:00 AM- 2:00 PM at the Emmet County Drop-off Center (7363 Pleasantview Road, Harbor Springs)

Call 231-347-1181 or visit to place your order.










What is a Backyard Food Waste Digester?

Kitchen Collection Bins

More information coming soon.

Food Scrap Drop-off at the Farmers Markets 

More information coming soon. 

Compost for Sale

Please visit our compost page

Recycle Cooking Oil and Fats


  • Cooking oilfogs-bin-in-front-of-garbage-gobbler-web
  • Fat, including raw trimmings
  • Grease from cooking

But NO:

Motor oil, lubricating greases


Cooking oil and grease are accepted at the Pleasantview Road Drop-off Center in the black bin over by the Garbage Gobbler.



  1. Collect your fats, oil and greases in an unbreakable container with a lid
  2. Once the container is full, bring it to the Drop-off Center
  3. Empty the contents into the black cooking oil recycling bin
  4. Take the container home to reuse, or recycle it