Andi Shepherd Named Director of DPW

Posted on April 25th, 2019

HARBOR SPRINGS — Andi Shepherd, a longtime Emmet County employee and resident, will be taking over as the director of the Department of Public Works.

John Calabrese, Emmet County administrator, announced the promotion Wednesday in an email to county staff and commissioners, which he also forwarded to the News-Review. Shepherd has been working as interim director of the department since former director Elisa Seltzer resigned in January. Before then, Shepherd had worked for several years as assistant to the director.

“I already have a taste of what the job entails,” Shepherd said in an interview with the News-Review. “I’ve been with the department for four years and I know there’s a great team behind me.”

She said her goal is to continue the forward momentum that has consistently brought success — and attention — to the department in past years.

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Got Curbside Recycling? We’ve Got 2 Tips for Winter Recycling!

Posted on January 9th, 2017

From our media release on the subject:


Piles of snow at the curb and high winds can make recycling in winter awkward.  The staff of Emmet County Recycling offers the following simple tips to smooth the way ’til spring

Set out along your driveway, not on the snow piles left by the plows.

Both recycling collection staff and snow plow drivers will appreciate this!  Totes on piles of snow created by the plows are in danger of being hit by additional snow as the streets are plowed and can be very difficult for the recycling driver to access. Instead, place the totes and cart in the end of the driveway, about five feet back.

If this would block the driveway, you can shovel a niche for the cart and totes in the snow to the side of the end of the driveway, just behind the pile created by the plows.  When setting out in the driveway, the recycling drivers recommend using the right side of the driveway (as one faces the road), because totes can be hidden from the driver’s view by piled snow if recyclables are on the left side of the drive. Finally, for the sake

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