Governor’s Recycling Council Announcement           Doug Wood of the Kent County DPW, Tonia Olson of Granger, Kerrin O’Brien of the Michigan Recycling Coalition, Governor Rick Snyder, Emmet County Recycling Director Elisa Seltzer, Mike Csapo of Southwest Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority, DEQ Director Dan Wyant, and Matt Flechter of the MDEQ


Governor Snyder has set a goal to double Michigan’s recycling rate from 15% of the waste stream to 30%.  For comparison, the Great Lakes States average 30% and the United States average 35% recycled.


Emmet County DPW Director Elisa Seltzer has served on two boards advising the Governor on achieving this goal.  Below is the 2017 final report of the nine-member Governor’s Recycling Council.


Governor’s Recycling Council Report and Recommendations 2017