Green Cone Digester

Already own one? Here is the Green Cone Digester Manual.

Available for purchase at the Pleasantview Road Drop-off Center

  • Green Cone Digester $89 (including sales tax)

Is a backyard digester for you?

Interest in food-waste digesters is growing rapidly. But what is one, exactly? And would it be a good fit for your household?

  • environmentally preferable disposal of food scraps and pet waste
  • low maintenance: does not produce a compost product
  • not for yard waste

What is a digester?

A backyard digester is often called “a green cone.” It consists of two nesting plastic cones (what you see above ground) attached to a plastic basket which is buried underground.

How will a digester help me manage my garbage?

Compared to landfilling food and pet wastes, a digester

  • eliminates much of the methane your garbage releases when landfilled
  • can save you up to 33% of what you are paying to landfill garbage
  • greatly reduces odors in and around your garbage cart or bags which reduces raccoons' and other critters' interest in your garbage

What is required for good digester functioning?

For proper functioning, the following are essential:

  • the feedstock cannot be exclusively pet waste: add some food waste for balance.
  • good drainage, taking into account that the basket extends two feet into the ground
  • a location with full sun

How does using a digester compare to composting?

Compared to backyard composting, a digester

  • does not produce compost
  • takes longer to install
  • requires even less effort to maintain than a compost pile–almost none!
  • works well to dispose of dairy products, plate scraps, meat trimmings and bones. Raccoons and other animals may interfere with traditional compost piles if these are included in the pile.
  • is for disposing of food and pet wastes only, not yard wastes like weeds, trimmings, leaves, or grass clippings

How does a digester work? Where does the waste go?


Want to learn more? Here’s the manual!

Green Cone Digester Manual
It includes

  • instructions for using your digester.
  • installation instructions
  • assembly instructions
  • background information