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You can customize this template for your program.

FREE “Alpena” Recycling Guide Template


The “Alpena Template” was created under a Community P2 Grant from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and is available for your use! It was created by Kecia Freed Design in Horton Bay Michigan.

  • It is in PowerPoint to make it as widely usable as possible.
  • There are two front page designs to choose from and two background options.
  • You can easily change the color scheme in PowerPoint (including to black and white).  Look under the “Design” tab.
  • You can remove graphics and add your own easily.
  • Add pages (slides) in the middle to go into more detail.
  • To get it professionally printed, export to a .pdf file.

Just open and save!

Many icons of additional recyclables are available upon request.  Message [email protected] for more information.

“Alpena” Recycling Guide Template


Recycling Communications Plan Template

As part of the same Community P2 Grant from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (see above), each participating community created a plan to promote their recycling program. To streamline this process, we created a basic plan template, packed with options for getting the word out.  It is designed so you can simply remove parts that are not relevant to your program at this stage in your growth or which are not a priority for you at this time. Of course, you can also add strategies and media–the possibilities and new opportunities are never ending!

Recycling Ed Plan for MRC 2018

Get more from every marketing effort: Establish a Basic Brand for Your Recycling Program