Apartment & Condo Communities Recycling

Generally, individual apartments buildings or houses with just a few apartments are included in curbside recycling, but larger buildings or complexes are not. Resort Township Apartments Resort Township provides curbside recycling to all households at no additional cost. If you live in Resort Township and have not yet been contacted about curbside collection, please call (231) 348-0640 for the details for your community. Curbside for Condominium and Apartment Communities (outside Resort Township):

  • Larger buildings or complexes are invited to contract directly with Emmet County Recycling to provide on-site recycling service.
  • If your community is served by dumpsters, we generally set up mini recycling drop sites near the dumpsters with 96-gallon carts for each material. The cost for weekly collection is just $150 per year per cart.
  • If you want to have each unit set out their own bins (and the layout of your lots and drives allows access for our trucks), this is another option. The cost for weekly collection is just $50 per year per tote.
  • The totes and carts are provided by Emmet County Recycling at no additional cost.