This page will be updated as soon as possible if the status of any of our programs changes.

Getting Information on Our Changes Due to the COVID19 Pandemic

Facilities and Services Operating As Usual

Illegal Dumping Resources

Thank You Coloring Page


Information on Our Changes Due to the COVID19 Pandemic

Like so many things right now, our operations may have to be modified for the safety of our customers and personnel. To help us keep up on communicating such changes, we are NOT updating every place on this site where a given facility or service may be mentioned. Most pages will continue to reflect our ordinary operations.

Information on this COVID-19 Updates page is UPDATED FIRST when things change, so information here overrides any differing information you might find on
~ other pages of this site
~ our telephone system
~ our social media feeds,  and
~ on related webpages and social media feeds

This COVID-19 Updates page is the most up-to-date and complete source of information on the status of the Emmet County DPW’s facilities and services during this time.

We wish you good health and good spirits.

–The Emmet County Department of Public Works Team


All of our facilities and services are OPEN their usual hours and handling their usual materials!

Tissue-type papers NOT recyclable

AS ALWAYS Paper towels, tissues, and wipes are NOT RECYCLABLE. Click to learn more.

This includes:

Recycling at Drop Sites

Recycling Curbside, both residential and commercial (if curbside routes are paused, they will be posted here)

The Pleasantview Road Drop-off Center

  • Waste Transfer Station
  • Drop-off of special recyclables, including latex paints
  • Sales of compost and compost bins
  • Drop-off of yard waste and food scraps

All that said, please wear a mask and maintain social distancing when using our services and facilities.

Coloring Page

Printer-friendly “Thank You” Coloring Page

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