Support for Cleaning Up Existing Illegal Dumps

COVID Crisis Dumping Prevention Project

The Emmet County DPW (ECDPW) has received some reports of increased illegal dumping in natural areas around northern Michigan. Those who contacted us are concerned that the dumping is the result of widespread unemployment due to COVID19 and suggested ways to provide free trash disposal to those having difficulty paying for critical household expenses. We are pleased to announce we pursued one of the suggestions and found a workable way to get aid to households in need and prevent illegal dumping. We are calling it the “Dumping Prevention Project” (DPP) and it is a collaboration between the ECDPW, Little Traverse Disposal (LTD), and concerned residents.

Donate Bags! call 231-487-0780

Refer a Household In Need of Disposal Assistance  click here.

How It Will Work

“Budget bags” will be provided to households in need. These are the bright-colored garbage bags (American Waste/GFL’s are red, Waste Management Incorporated’s are green, and Little Traverse Disposal’s are blue) sold by private waste haulers with the cost of collection built into the price of the bag. Little Traverse Disposal will be the initial hauling partner because, while all three haulers operating in Emmet County offer budget bags, only LTD runs residential routes north of roughly Alanson.

The ECDPW will collect requests from families in need and referrals via their main office. We can serve Emmet County residences only. To make a referral, complete the “Refer a Household” form below. The donated bags will be distributed on a first-referred first-served basis.

Little Traverse Disposal will deliver the donated bags to identified households in the northern part of Emmet County. Emmet County Recycling/DPW (ECDPW) will get bags to households in need in Resort, Bear Creek, and Little Traverse townships and the municipalities of Alanson, Harbor Springs and Petoskey. Recycling information will be delivered with the bags, including how to save money with the recycling program.

While both the ECDPW and LTD are happy to contribute the labor to administer the project and deliver the bags, neither can afford to cover the potential cost of this program, so we are asking concerned residents to donate by buying budget bags for distribution through the Project. Little Traverse Disposal is kicking off the campaign by donating the first 50 bags. And employees of the ECDPW have begun donating bags too.

How You Can Help

To contribute prepaid bags for the Dumping Prevention Project call Little Traverse Disposal at 231-487-0780. You can simply buy their “blue bags” from them over the phone with your credit or debit card. The price of the bags is 10 for $28.00 and covers collection of the trash curbside anywhere in Emmet County as well as the bag itself.

Donate Bags! call 231-487-0780

Refer a Household In Need of Disposal Assistance  click here.


Support For Cleaning Up Existing Illegal Dumping

Adopt-a-Forest (Michigan Department of Natural Resources)

  • 231-922-6048

Adopt-a-Highway (Michigan Department of Transportation)

  • 989-732-3832 ext 300

Adopt-a-Road (Emmet County Road Commission)

  • 231-347-8142

Cleanups on Other Public Land in Emmet County