Businesses: Recycle with Ease!

The 18-gallon tote with option lid.

The 18-gallon tote with optional lid.

Resort Township Businesses Resort Township provides curbside recycling to businesses at no additional cost. If you have a business in Resort Township and have not yet been contacted about curbside collection, please call (231) 348-0640.

Do you have a business in:

  • City of Petoskey
  • Bear Creek Township
  • Little Traverse Township or
  • Harbor Springs?
The 96-gallon carts have an attractive pebble finish.

The 96-gallon carts have an attractive pebble finish.

You can enjoy all of the benefits of curbside recycling service by contracting directly with Emmet County Recycling to have your recyclables collected.

  • The cost for weekly collection is just:
    • $50 per year per 18-gallon tote–
      just 96¢ a week!
    • $150 per year per 96-gallon cart–
      just $12.50 per month!
  • The totes and carts are provided by Emmet County Recycling at no additional cost.

Cardboard note: if your business generates more than household quantities of cardboard (your cardboard would fill more than a 96-gallon cart each week) talk to your waste hauler about providing a designated cardboard recycling dumpster. Emmet County Recycling is only able to collect smaller amounts of cardboard curbside. For more information on provisions for cardboard collection in the Emmet County Solid Waste Ordinance, call Emmet County Recycling (231) 348-0640.


It’s easy!  But don’t just take our word for it:

“At the Petoskey KOA Campground and Hearthside Grove Motorcoach Resort we host over 1,000 people per night during the summer season.  We cannot imagine doing this without Emmet County Curbside Recycling.  Meeting our customers’ expectations in every way is central to being an award-winning resort and our campers simply expect us to offer recycling.  The service is smart business, easy to manage, better for the environment and is great for our brand image.” – Craig and Kirk Rose, Petoskey KOA Campground, Hearthside Grove Motorcoach Resort

“…with curbside recycling, we just put it all in the bin and have it at the curb each week–and for such a nominal charge! We love it!” – Ashley Whitney, Harbor-Brenn Agencies

“We love the curbside service, especially the wheeled carts. They’re easy to maneuver and they look good. Recycling is a no-brainer with curbside collection. It just makes sense–it’s cheaper to recycle it!” – Mary and Bob Keedy, Roast and Toast Coffee & Cafe, City Park Grill, Pallette Bistro

“We get it to the curb and Emmet County Recycling does the rest.” – David Marvin, Stafford’s Hospitality

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