Workplace Recycling Resources


Your coworkers can’t recycle correctly if they don’t know

  • what belongs,
  • what doesn’t, and
  • what goes where.  

These posters, flyers and bin/cart labels make it easy to get everyone on the same page!


Encourage correct sorting


Keep Separated 8.5×11 (print-friendly pdf)


Paper Boxes and Bags Recycling

paperboxesbags-flyer Flyer
(print-friendly pdf)
paperboxesbags-poster Poster 8.5×11 (print-friendly pdf)
Paper Bin Label Label 8.5×4 (print-friendly pdf)



Mixed Containers Recycling

mixedcontainers-flyer Flyer (print-friendly pdf)
mixedcontainers-poster Poster 8.5×11 (print-friendly pdf)
????????????? Label 8.5×4 (print-friendly pdf)