Weather got you wondering about your curbside service?

Your recyclables will be picked up in all but the most extreme of circumstances but sometimes–for the safety of our drivers and others on sharing the roads with them–we have to limit or cancel service.

If your street is inaccessible when we arrive, our policy is–if possible–to circle back later in the day and try again. Your driver will check back as much as possible on your scheduled collection day.

When we have to skip some streets or cancel service for a day, we will post this information on this page, generally in the mid-afternoon. Unlike at major holidays–when collection from everyone scheduled for pick up on or after the holiday is bumped one day later–we are not able to collect later in the week from streets that were inaccessible or areas whose service was cancelled for a day.

If your recyclables are not picked up, please either

  • hold onto your recyclables and set them out the next week (Cart and totes full? You can set out in additional containers, for example storage totes or buckets. To avoid injury to our drivers, please do not use garbage cans or totes over 18-gallons capacity.) or
  • after the storm passes, take your recyclables to one of our 13 handy recycling drop sites. Click here for drop site locations.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, and THANK YOU for recycling with us!

Tuesday, February 18

Lagoon Drive, Alanson cannot be serviced today as it had not been plowed when the truck was in town.



Frequently Inaccessible Neighborhoods


Ann Street We will always try to go up Ann Street as scheduled, however we frequently find it dangerously icy and not yet salted or sanded. For reliable service you can set your recyclables out at the intersection of Ann and Emmet Streets. We are working with the City of Petoskey to address this ongoing issue.


Resort Township

Grand Oaks Trail We will always try to service Grand Oaks residents as scheduled, however we frequently are unable to stop in certain spots on the hills. Residents of the community are talking with the snow-plowing company ensure these areas are plowed, sanded and salted earlier on Mondays.