Electronics, Batteries & Fluorescent Bulbs



Recycle Electronics

WHAT:Electronics Computer on yellow web

  • CDs and DVDs and their cases
  • Computers
  • Computer peripherals (monitors, printers, keyboards mice, etc.)
  • Telephones and their accessories (fax machines, answering machines, etc.)
  • TVs and their accessories (VCR’s, DVD players, video games consoles, etc.)
  • Copiers

For example:
adding machines, answering machines, back-up drives, beepers, Blackberries, blood glucometers, blood glucose meters, cables, cable TV boxes, calculators, camcorders, cameras (digital and film), cash registers, CD cases, CD players, CDs, cell phones, central processing units, circuit boards, compact discs, compact disks, computer network equipment, computer peripherals, cords, CPUs, CRT monitors, CRTs, desktop computers, DVD cases, DVD players, DVDs, electronic organizers, external drives, external hard drives, flash drives, floppy discs, floppy disks, Gameboys, hard drives, inkjet printers, iPads, iPhones, iPods, joy sticks, keyboards, laptop computers, laser printers, laser printer cartridges, LCD monitors, LED monitors, mice, modems, monitors, MP3 players, network equipment, Nintendo consoles, Ninetendo DS, organizers, pagers, Palm Pilots, PDAs, projectors, radios, remote controls, routers, scanners, screens, servers, small electronics, speakers, stereos, SyQuest drives, thumb drives, TVs, VCRs, video-game controllers, video game players,  Xbox consoles, Wii consoles, Wii controllers, wires, word processors, zip drives

But NO:
Small appliances with minor electronic parts (coffee makers, for example) have their own collection bin, see Small Appliances.


Electronics are accepted at the Drop-off Center in the Hazardous Materials Recycling area.



Bringing us a medium or large TV, a copier, or other large electronics?  We suggest having someone ride along to help unload it–for your safety and the safety of our employees.



Household Electronics Handling Fees

One low
service fee applies to
ALL electronics
from households!

$20 per cubic yard
(a cubic yard is about the size of a typical washing machine)

Of course, most households don’t have a full cubic yard of electronics to recycle at once so we are charging in 1/4 yard increments:

    • $5 per 1/4 cubic yard
      ~ roughly the amount you can pile in the passenger seat of a car
    • $10 per 1/2 cubic yard
      ~ roughly the amount you can pile in the back seat of a car
      $15 per 3/4 cubic yard

TVs and Monitors are a little trickier, so we have done the measuring…

  • $5 small
    TVs and monitors under 30″ (measuring screen diagonally)
  • $12 medium
    Flat Screens 30′-49′
    Other TVs and Monitors 30″-41″
    (measuring screen diagonally)
  • $20 large
    Flat Screens 50″+
    Other TVs and Monitors 42″ and up
    (measuring screen diagonally)

$5 minimum fee

Final volume determination will be made by the Gatehouse Attendant on duty at the Drop-off Center.


Televisions & Monitors
 Console TVs $40 each

19″ & under TVs and monitors

$10 each

  • 19-41″ CRT** TVs and monitors
  • 30-49″ flat screen TVs and monitors
$20 each

  • 42″ and over CRT** TVs and monitors
  • 50″ and over flat screen TVs and monitors
$40 each
All Other Electronics

CPUs, servers, towers, laptops, tablets

see household
handling fee above
 Printers, scanners & copiers

also fax machines and multifunction units

see household
handling fee above
 Misc. electronics & small appliances

Anything with a cord or battery that is not listed elsewhere in this table!

see household
handling fee above
**CRT (cathode ray tube) units are the deep “conventional” monitors and television.


It is illegal for businesses to landfill electronics.  Please call before delivering electronics for recycling so we can coordinate for easy recording and unloading of your materials. We will provide documentation for your records that you properly recycled your business electronics.


Bits and Pieces
We accept s
mall electronic items and loose parts. A copy paper box full counts as one item for business fees.


Recycle Electronics Right with Emmet County!
As with all your recyclables, you can count on Emmet County Recycling to recycle your electronics right! When you drop off your unwanted electronics at Emmet County Recycling, they are handled by electronics recyclers who use environmentally and ethically sound systems as defined and certified by the e-Steward and/or R2 standards.

This means no irresponsible shipments overseas, no dumping or release of toxic materials to the environment, and no misuse of the equipment. Data is thoroughly erased from anything that will be reused and equipment which is not reusable is deconstructed in the United States and Canada. Component parts or materials are bulked for shipment to industry for reuse or recycling into new products.

If you are considering recycling electronics through other systems, ask to see proof of their e-Steward and/or R2 certifications.



Recycle Batteries

IMPORTANT: See “HOW” section below for new safety information!


  • Automobile Batteries
  • Household Batteries (including rechargeable)
  • Other Batteries

For Example*:
batteries on yellow web9-volt batteries, AA, AAA, alkaline, automotive batteries, battery back-ups, boat batteries, button cells, C, car batteries, cell phone batteries, cordless drill batteries, cordless handtool batteries, D, drill batteries, flashlight batteries, handtool batteries, hearing-aid batteries, household batteries, Li-ion, lithium-ion batteries, laptop batteries, lead, lead-acid batteries, marine batteries, mercury-containing batteries, NiCad, nickel-cadmium, NIMH, Nickel metal hydride, rechargeable batteries, smoke detector batteries, vehicle batteries, zinc batteries

But NO:
We’ve never come across a battery we can’t recycle, but call ahead 231-348-0640 if you have something very unusual.


Batteries —both household and vehicle types—are accepted at the Drop-off Center in the Hazardous Materials Recycling area.

Household batteries can also be dropped off during business hours at the following stores:

  • in Alanson at W.W. Fairbairn & Sons
  • in Harbor Springs at Meyer Ace Hardware and Preston Feather Building Center
  • in Pellston at Cook’s Hardware
  • in Petoskey at Preston Feather Building Center and Meyer Ace Hardware (both the downtown location and the one on 31 North)

Batteries are NOT accepted curbside or at the recycling drop sites.



  • Accepted FREE from households. Businesses (including landlords), institutions and organizations, please call 231-348-0640 for fee information.
    Emmet County CANNOT recycle recalled batteries (i.e. hoverboard, Galaxy S7), but can accept them by appointment on Household Chemical Drop-off Days.  Follow manufacturer instructions for their storage and transport. At a minimum, cover the terminals or connecting wires thoroughly with clear tape until you can dispose of them properly.
  • IMPORTANT: AVOID FIRES! and comply with United States Dept. of Transportation rules
    Before storing or recycling any batteries, please tape the terminals.
    If battery terminals come in contact with metal, they can spark or short circuit causing fires. This has become more common as more fire-prone batteries have become common.








Recycle Fluorescent Light Bulbs

WHAT:Fluorescent bulb on yellow web

  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs (technically called “lamps”) only

For example:
4-foot bulbs, 8-foot bulbs, CFLs, circle fluorescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs, U-shaped fluorescent bulbs

But NO:

  • NO Halogen light bulbs
  • NO Incandescent light bulbs


Fluorescent bulbs are accepted at the Drop-off Center in the Hazardous Materials Recycling area.



  • Fluorescent light bulbs are accepted for recycling because they contain mercury (a very potent neurotoxin and environmental pollutant).
  • Avoid breaking the bulbs. The mercury inside the tube can escape when the bulb is broken.
  • Accepted FREE from households. Businesses (including landlords), institutions and organizations please call 231-348-0640 for rate and packing information.
  • Maximum accepted free: 10 per customer. If you have more than 10 bulbs, you will be charged the business rates for them. Businesses, please consider contacting our light bulb-recycling partner about working with them directly. Clean Lites: 800-778-6645.

Recycle Printer Cartridges


  • Printer Cartridges (inkjet and toner)


Send them back to the manufacturer

If you cannot send them back to the manufacturer, Office Max in Petoskey accepts inkjet cartridges for recycling and gives you rewards points.

Cylinder toner cartridges are carcinogenic and should be brought into our Household Chemical Drop-off Days if they cannot be mailed back to the manufacturer.

Recycle Smoke Detectors

There are two types of home smoke detectors:

  • Ionization
  • Photoelectric

Ionization smoke detectors contain a very minute amount of radioactive material known as Americium 241.  Photoelectric-type smoke detectors do not contain any radioactive material. To determine which kind you have, look for a warning label on the body of the detector (required by law).


· Smoke detectors that have a warning label or the radiation symbol


· evidence that a label has been removed or destroyed.


· Smoke detectors that do not have either a written warning or the radiation symbol (meaning you can assume it does not contain radioactive material).

Ionization Smoke Detector Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Send ionization smoke detectors back to the manufacturer.  The address may be on the back of the unit.

For United States Postal Service list of manufacturer mail-back addresses visit:


If the manufacturer of your ionization smoke detector doesn’t offer take back, call ECR at 231-348-0640 for the latest information on smoke detector recycling or disposal.


Recycle in the “Miscellaneous Electronics” box.


Find mail back addresses

  • the back of the smoke detector
  • via United States Postal Service address list link above or
  • search online for the address of your detector’s manufacturer.

At the Pleasantview Road Drop-off Center