Emmet County Compost Center

No “back-forty” for a compost or brush pile? Drop off your yard waste at the Emmet County Compost Center. It’s part of the Drop-off Center at 7363 Pleasantview Road outside of Harbor Springs. You’ll find three bunkers to put your yard waste in at the Compost Center. Use whichever best fits your load.



Yard_Waste_webYard Waste: includes non-woody weeds, stems, leaves, grass clippings, and twigs

Made into: compost


*PAPER BAGS ONLYPlastic bags are trouble for composting programs!

Brush_webBrush/Logs/Pallets: includes woody brush, sticks, logs, branches, stumps, and pallets (anything that needs to be ground).

If you have unfinished, untreated milled wood or pallets see our Building Materials page.

If you have treated or finished wood, plywood or particle-board, see our Waste Disposal page.

Made into: woodchips

Cost: $2.00 per 30-gallon can/bag* $10.00 per cubic yard (six 30-gallon bags)

*PAPER BAGS ONLYPlastic bags are trouble for composting programs!




Michigan’s Yard Waste Landfill Ban

  • supporting Michigan jobs and businesses in the important composting industry
  • preventing pollution, and
  • conserving landfill space

Under Public Act 264 of 1990, effective March 28, 1995, “leaves, grass, vegetable or other garden debris, shrubbery or brush or tree trimmings less than 4 feet in length and 2 inches in diameter, that can be converted to compost humus” cannot be accepted for landfilling or incineration.