Textiles, Purses, Belts, Shoes and Boots

are no longer recyclable

through Emmet County Recycling. We will be posting more of the (interesting, not-about-COVID19) backstory here asap.

What is the best thing to do with them now?

  • If they are in good condition and in style, please donate to one of the many charitable resale stores in the area for reuse!
  • If they are torn, stained, worn out, dirty, wet or simply not fashionable, it is currently best to landfill them. SIGH.

Thank you for your commitment to real recycling!


Recycle Textiles, Purses and Belts

WHAT:clothingshoes on yellow web

  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Other textiles
  • Purses and belts

For example*:
aprons, baseball caps, backpacks, belts, Bermuda shorts, blankets, blazers, button-down shirts, capris, caps, coveralls, dresses, formals, hats, jackets, jeans, neckties, overalls, pajamas, pants, pillows, polo shirts, purses, raincoats, rain hats, sheets, shirts, shorts, skirts, slacks, socks, suits, sweatpants, sweatshirts, towels, t-shirts, trousers, warm-ups, windbreakers

But NO:

  • NO fabric scraps
  • NO insulated coats
  • NO rags


Bins for recycling Clothing and Textiles are located a the Drop-off Center.



  • Clothing and bedding should be clean, dry, and in plastic bags.
  • Please do not remove buttons or zippers.
  • All are accepted together in the same bin.




Recycle Shoes and Boots

shoes_large LO RES


  • Shoes
  • Boots

But NO:

  • NO skates (iced, in-line, or roller), ski boots or water shoes
  • NO slippers, especially glass slippers!

For Example*:

athletic shoes, basketball shoes, blue suede shoes, cleats, clogs, cross trainers, dancing shoes, flats, flip-flops, gym shoes, loafers, Mary Janes, mules, one red shoe, saddle shoes, pumps, riding boots, running shoes, sandals, sneakers, stilettos, tennis shoes, wedge heals, wingtips, winter boots


Bins for recycling Shoes and Work Boots are located at the Drop-off Center.



  • It’s okay if they’re just in fair condition.
  • Keep each pair together with a rubber band.