Hack Your Food! Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

Food waste is a big problem, but doing your part is easy.  The 24 top tips/hacks below will show you just how easy it can be!

In fact, we guarantee these tips: if you don’t find at least one in each group that makes you say, “I wish I started doing that years ago,” we will give you your money back!


Save Food Save Money: 3 Tips for Before You Shop


Save Food Save Money:  3 Tips for at the Market


Make It Last: 3 Tips for Storing Fruit


Make It Last: 3 Tips for Storing Vegetables


Make It Last: 3 Tips for Storing Dairy and Meats


Don’t Blind Date: 3 Tips for Understanding “Sell By” Dates


Before Its Too Late: 3 Tips for Using Up Fruit


Truly Easy: 3 Tips for Planning Meals


“The Guest-imator”

This tool, made by SaveTheFood.com is designed to help you decide how much food to prepare for your holiday parties.