Waste Disposal (aka Garbage, Trash or Rubbish)

Drop Off Garbage

Garbage Collection Services

Furniture and Carpet


Drop-off Garbage at the Pleasantview Drop-off Center

The Emmet County solid waste Transfer Station is a central place to take garbage to be loaded into semis for the trip to the landfill. Garbage from the Transfer Station is buried at GFL’s landfill in Presque Isle County.


Locationdrop off center

7363 Pleasantview Road
Harbor Springs
231-348-0640 / 231-526-2031 x3


Hours and Holidays

Check our COVID-19 Updates page  for up-to-date information on the status of our services and facilities.

Regular Hours:

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays

We are closed Sundays and the following holidays:
New Year’s DayNational Garbage Man Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Christmas Day

What We Can Take:

Day-to-day or downright weird, you can probably throw it away at the Transfer Station. Just for fun, here are some examples:

  • a bag of garbage
  • a fiberglass boat
  • the junk pile from a remodeling project
  • a tired old sofa
  • a giant, stuffed, toy gorilla
  • a burn barrel
  • there are a few exceptions…


What We CAN’T Take:

  • Hazardous materials – See our Household Chemical Drop-off for information on disposing of chemicals from your home or business.
  • Liquids 
  • Medical waste from clinics and businesses – Call 231-348-0640 for information on disposing of needles from home use.
  • Tires – Whole tires are banned from Michigan landfills.
  • Yard Waste – Yard waste less than 4 feet in length and 2 inches in diameter is banned from Michigan landfills. For information on our compost drop-off or composting it at home, see our Composting page.




(subject to change without notice; not a complete list):
Call 231-526-2031 ext. 3 to discuss your load with a Waste Transfer Station Attendant.

Category Fee
Minimum $3.00
Garbage, bagged $3.00/30 gl bag
Garbage, loose $17.00/cubic yard
Mechanically compacted and tipped $29.00/cubic yard plus $1.81/cubic yard fuel surcharge
Garbage, non-compactable
(If you can’t squish it with your hands, it is non-compactable. For example furniture, carpet, rugs, fiberglass.)
$30.00/cubic yard plus $1.81/cubic yard fuel surcharge
Construction Scraps (If you can’t squish it with your hands, it is non-compactable. For example plywood, drywall, finished wood, tile trimmings) $30.00/cubic yard plus $1.81/cubic yard fuel surcharge
Demolition Debris $30.00/cubic yard plus $1.81/cubic yard fuel surcharge

Furniture, Carpet, Rugs

Furniture, Carpet, Rugs* $30.00/cubic yard plus $1.81/cubic yard fuel surcharge
Non-Upholstered or Non-Recliner Type Chair $5.00
Large Chair* $21.00*
Love Seat/Sofa* $36.00*
Sectional $50+ (To be Determined by Gatehouse Attendant)
Sleeper Sofa* $41.00*

If your furnishings are worn but serviceable (think “first apartment” or “hunting camp”), we suggest reusing them by

  • selling them via the classified ads or Craig’s List or
  • donating them one of the many local charity resale shops
  • giving them away to a friend or neighbor.

However, we understand that sometimes furniture is beyond salvaging.

*To discourage illegal dumping, the DPW subsidizes disposal of worn-out upholstered furniture.  The DPW’s actual costs to handle, haul, and landfill these items are roughly as follows: Large chair $37, Sofa $60, Sleeper Sofa $75.




Garbage Collection Services

Emmet County households and businesses subscribe directly with private waste haulers for garbage collection service.  Three haulers provide these services at this time.  All of them offer both rolling carts and bargain bag service.  The haulers’ bags–with the cost of collection service included in their price–are sold at many local grocery, discount and convenience stores. Ask about bags at the register.

Little Traverse Disposal (Harbor Springs-based)

GFL, formerly American Waste (Vaughan, Ontario Canada-based)
Services limited north of Harbor Springs and Alanson (updated 2021)

Waste Management, Inc. (Houston,Texas-based)
Services limited north of Harbor Springs and Alanson (updated 2021)