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Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars

WHAT:glass bottlesjars on blue web

  • Blue glass bottles and jars
  • Brown glass bottles and jars
  • Clear glass bottles and jars
  • Green glass bottles and jars
  • Red glass bottles and jars

For example:
applesauce jars, beer bottles, canning jars, half-pint jars, jam jars, jelly jars, juice bottles, liquor bottles, quart jars, peanut butter jars, pickle jars, pint jars, pop bottles, spaghetti-sauce jars, wine bottles

But NO:

  • NO cups, dishes, pots or pans
  • NO light bulbs (Fluorescent Light Bulbs are recyclable, but not with glass)
  • NO window glass or glass table tops





  • Rinse bottles and jars