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Recycle Cans, Foil and Foil Trays

WHAT:cans foil trays on blue web

      • Steel/Tin Cans
      • Aluminum Cans
      • Aluminum Foil
      • Foil Trays
      • Metal lids

For example*:
aluminum trays, canning-jar domes, canning-jar lids, canning-jar rings, cat-food cans, cookie tins, dog-food cans, domes for canning jars, foil yogurt-cup lids, foil yogurt-tub lids, Keurig K-cup foil lids, license plates, popcorn tins, metal base of Pringle’s can, soup cans, steel lids, tin foil, tuna cans, yogurt-cup lids, yogurt-tub lid

But NO:

      • NO aerosol cans
      • NO gas cylinders (propane, helium, oxygen, etc)
      • NO paint cans
      • NO propane tanks
      • NO scrap metal
      • NO wire hangers





    • Please rinse items. Note: foil doesn’t have to be perfectly clean, but shouldn’t have pieces of food remaining on it.
    • It helps if you remove labels, but its not absolutely necessary.
    • It helps if you flatten as much as possible, but it is not absolutely necessary.




Recycle Scrap MetalAccepted At Arrow Yellow

WHAT:scrapmetal OK

All kinds of stuff made from metal, for example, shelving, grills, lawnmowers, pipes, hangers, ducts, tins, bikes, radiators, lawn furniture

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Other metals

For Example*:
air conditioners***,  aluminum scrap, aluminum siding, claw-foot bathtubs, bikes, bronze, carpet sweepers, cast iron, circuit breaker boxes, dehumidifiers***, drains, dryers, faucets, fencing (metal), freezers, fuse boxes, hangers (metal), lamps made primarily of metal, lawn mower blades, license plates, light fixtures (no PCB-containing ballasts), metal fencing, metal pipes, mini fridge, ovens, pans, pipes, plumbing (metal), plumbing fixture, popcorn tins, pots, rain gutters (metal, not vinyl), refrigerators, satellite dishes, shelving (metal), springs, steel springs, stoves, toasters, tools, washers, wire hangers

But NO:

  • NO vehicle gas tanks
  • NO propane tanks
  • NO Hazardous metals. If you have lead or mercury call 231-348-0660 for information on recycling or disposing of these.


Scrap Metal is accepted at the Drop-Off Center in the Bulky Materials Recycling area. Have your load checked by the Transfer Station Attendant before unloading.



  • Please drain any fluids from items before dropping them off for recycling (for example gas and oil from a lawn mower). To dispose of the fluids contact our Household Chemical Drop-off program at 231-348-0660.
  • There will be a $5 handling fee on large appliances when the value of scrap metal dips too low.

***To recycle (or dispose of) an air conditioner or dehumidifier, the refrigerant must first be removed by a licensed individual. We can provide this service for a fee: $15 for small items, $25 for large. see our Refrigerant-Containing Appliance page.