Recycle Plastic Plant Pots and Trays

Accepted At Arrow Yellow


  • Cell packs
  • Flats
  • Pots
  • Hanging Pots (please remove wire hangers) Plant Tags

For Example:
#2 plastic plant pots, #5 plastic plant pots, #6 plastic plant pots

WHERE: Plant Plastics are accepted at the Drop-off Center only, up in the Recycle Barn. Please do NOT put them in curbside or drop-site bins.

WHEN: Plant plastics are accepted for recycling April 1 through November 1 annually anytime the Drop-off Center is open!


  • Tap ‘n’ stack, please. (Tap the dirt out and stack like containers with like to take up less room.)
  • Recycled into new pots, packs and flats by East Jordan Plastics–yes, in East Jordan, Michigan!


Recycle Plastic Containers

WHAT: Nearly all plastic containers – no need to check the number!Plastic Tubs Trays Cups low res

  • Bottles and jars
  • Clamshells
  • Cups
  • Jugs
  • Trays
  • Tubs
  • Plastic lids

For Example: #1 plastic bottles and jars, #1 plastic clamshells and trays, #2 plastic bottles and jugs, #2 plastic tubs, #5 plastic cups and lids, #6 plastic trays (clear, not Styrofoam), bakery trays, caps*, cottage cheese tubs, cookie and cracker trays, deli trays, detergent jugs, food storage containers, green plastic pint produce baskets, ice cream buckets, Keurig “Vue” Cups (remove coffee/filter pod), lids*, margarine tubs, milk jugs, mushroom trays, plastic cups, plastic bottles, plastic egg cartons, produce cartons, red Solo cups (though cups made from #1 or #5 are better), sandwich tubs, slide carousels, soup cups, Tupperware, yogurt cups, yogurt tubs
*NEW: Please put lids back on bottles, jugs and jars to help them make their way through collection and processing without falling out.

But NO:

  • NO containers over 2.5 gallons capacity
  • NO large catering-size trays
  • NO buckets over 2.5 gallons, toys, furniture, etc.
  • NO biodegradable or corn-based plastics
  • NO motor oil containers

WHERE: Plastic bottles jugs jars

Accepted curbside or at any Emmet County Drop-off Recycling Site in the Containers bin.


  • Rinse. It helps if you flatten them as much as possible, but it is not absolutely necessary.
  • There’s no need to remove labels
  • Plastic Lids can be recycled. Please put small ones (like from water bottles or milk jugs) back on their bottle or jug


Recycle Plastic Grocery & Bread Bags

Accepted At Arrow Green

WHAT:  “Stretchy, clean, and dry” plastic bags

    • Grocery Bags
    • Bread Bags
    • Other stretchy plastic bags
    • “Shrink” wrap, for example that used to bundle rolls of toilet paper and cases of water bottlesplastic bags
    • Food Storage Bags
    • Tyvek and plastic mail-order envelopes
    • Air Pillows and Bubblewrap

For Example*:

#2 plastic bags, #4 plastic bags, air pillows (packing material), beer can six-pack rings, bubble wrap (Popped is best–have fun!), bundling wrap (toilet paper, napkins, multipacks of Kleenex boxes) case wrap (water bottle, toilet paper, etc.), cereal bags, cereal box liners, dry cleaners bags, dry cleaning bags, fertilizer bags (shake out well), freezer bags, gallon storage bags, multipack wrap, napkin bags, newspaper bags, pallet wrap, pop can rings, produce bags, quart storage bags, sandwich bags, shopping bags, shrink wrap, soda can rings, Tyvek envelopes, water softener salt bags, woodstove pellet bags, zip bags, zip closure bags, Ziploc bags, zipper bags, zipper fruit bags

But NO:

  • No plastic pouches (like the following often come in detergent pods, shredded cheese, grapes, soup, grains, snacks, mixes)
  • No cling wrap (like Saran Wrap and that used to wrap meat)
  • No potato chip-type bags (crunchy, rips before stretching, metallic lining)
  • No biodegradable or corn-based plastics
  • NEW: No six-pack rings (they are now often made from biodegradable plastic)
  • No mylar (metallic)


  • Bags must be made of a stretchy material
  • Bags must be clean and dry
  • Help your sort crew: Please take one of your bags and put all the rest in it.


Accepted curbside with the Paper, Boxes and Bags


at any Emmet County Drop-off Recycling Site in the Paper, Boxes and Bags bin.

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Recycle Plastic Buckets, Tubs, Crates & Laundry Baskets

Accepted At Arrow Yellow


  • Plastic buckets (no metal handles)
  • Plastic tubs/totes and their lids
  • Plastic crates
  • Plastic laundry baskets
  • Lawn furniture (like Adirondack chairs)

For example:  5 gallon buckets, dish pans, five gallon buckets, kitty litter buckets, kitty litter jugs, kitty litter tubs, Rubbermaid totes, Sterilite totes

But NO:

  • Metal parts
  • Black plastic items
  • Insulated items (coolers, etc.)
  • Toys
  • Coolers
  • Hoses
  • Tubes
  • Vinyl siding

WHERE: These over-sized plastic items are accepted at the Drop-off Center only, up in the Recycle Barn. Please do NOT put them in curbside or drop-site bins.