About Us

You care about your friends, family and community.
You care about nature and the great outdoors.
You care about Michigan.
And, yes, you care about your wallet.

We do, too.

So together, we do the simple, everyday thing that addresses all of these: recycling.
More and more, we also reduce waste, replace disposable items with reusables, and compost.

Thank you for recycling with us and joining us on the journey to a circular economy.

Your DPW Team

DPW Board

Dennis Keiser, Bear Creek Township Supervisor, Chair
William Dohm, Little Traverse Township Supervisor, Vice Chair
Arden Bawkey, Emmet County Drain Commissioner
Doug Fuller, Member at Large
Brian Gutowski, Emmet County Commissioner
Don Mapes, Emmet County Commissioner
Mark Hoffman, Emmet County Road Commission Appointee

DPW County Employees

Andi Tolzdorf, Director – 231-348-0640
Jayna Steffel, Superintendent, Drop-off Center – 231-348-0640
Josh Brubacher, Commodities, Equipment and Maintenance Supervisor – 231-348-0640
Noelle Behling, Communication & Education Coordinator – 231-348-0640
Ashley McMurry, Grants and Resources Coordinator – 231-348-0640
MacKenzie Myers, Administrative Secretary (accounts payable and receivable) – 231-348-0640
Lindsey Walker, Recycling Outreach, Market Development and Commercial Accounts – 231-348-0648

DPW Attendants & Drivers

(They serve our customers, operate the waste transfer station and drive the recycling trucks.)

Dwight Burdine
Sam Daily
Roger Duffiney
Adam Machelski
Daniel Mahlmeister
Earl Marshall
Lauri Robinson
Russ Schwartz
Nate Sherman
Grady Smyley
Theo Marshall

Recycle Processing Team

(They sort your recyclables, bale and store them, and then load them on to semis. The recyclables then go to factories where they are used to make new, everyday products.)

Kelsey Boda
Justin “Shrew” Pethers-Clear
John Delis
Adam Morey
Jaime Pethers
Justin Skop
Michael Williams
Dave Krasiejko
Jeremy Hanna

Solid Waste Ordinance 11-04

Emmet County’s new Solid Waste Ordinance 11-04 replaces the previous 99-40 Solid Waste Ordinance.

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