Mulch and Woodchips


  • Load your own: $20 a cubic yard
  • We load* (open trucks only): $25 a cubic yard
  • Wood chip mulch made from hardwood and evergreen brush and logs, pallets and other untreated, unfinished lumber. This option is best for paths where you don't want any plants to grow.

*While the Emmet County DPW staff people who load our products are trained and certified loader operators and have an excellent record, our loading service is offered “at your own risk." Emmet County will be not be responsible for any damage to vehicles.

How many yards do I need to apply for compost or mulch X inches thick?

When applying a cubic yard covers
1 inch 324 square feet
2 inches 162 square feet
3 inches 108 square feet
4 inches 81 square feet

Compost is available loose and bagged. For those interested in purchasing it in bags, 40 of our bags of compost are equivalent to a cubic yard. Put another way, one bag of compost is .025 cubic yards of compost.

How We Measure Truck Bed Yardage

Length x Width x Height divided by 27 (LxWxH)/27

An average truck bed is about 2 yards if filled, but not over the edge