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Curbside Recycling Service

How can I get a recycling tote and/or cart?

If you live in one of the participating communities and need a cart or totes, you can get them here. Whether you’re new to our program or need additional containers we’ll bring them to you free!

Over a holiday, when will my recyclables be picked up?

calendarWhen a holiday falls on a weekday, recycling pick up will be one day later than usual for the remainder of the week, with Friday customers served on Saturday. This will always be the case with Memorial Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving. It will apply to New Year’s Day, Independence Day and Christmas Day in years when they fall on a weekday. The County does not observe any other holidays (i.e. Presidents Day).  Here is a printer-friendly chart showing the specifics for this year: 2019 Curbside Holiday Schedule

2020 Holiday Curbside Schedule

Exception: Bay View Association
Due to DPW staffing patterns, curbside service in Bay View stays on Thursdays, even after a holiday.

Do I have to pay for curbside collection service?

If you live in a single family home in a participating community, your town or township pays for the service for you.

If you live in an apartment building or condominium or are wondering about curbside recycling for a business, please call Emmet County Recycling at 231-348-0640, as the various communities have different provision for these cases.

What day of the week is my neighborhood served?

curbside recycling mapAlanson:  Tuesdays

Bay Harbor:  Thursdays

Bear Creek:  Thursdays or Fridays (see map or call 231-348-0640)

Harbor Springs:  Tuesdays

Little Traverse:  Tuesdays or Wednesdays (see map or call 231-348-0640)

Petoskey:  Wednesdays or Thursdays (see map or call 231-348-0640)

Resort:  Mondays

What time do I need to have my tote and/or cart out for collection?

For reliable service, you must have your recyclables out by 7 a.m. You may observe that your driver “always” comes much later, but many factors can cause the time of your pick up to change, for example a substitute driver, a substitute truck, and new businesses added to your route day. If you set out your tote(s) after 7 a.m., we may miss you!

What materials are collected curbside?

You can recycle all of the following materials curbside. Please note that they need to be set out, as shown, in two separate categories: 1) Paper, Boxes and Bags and 2) Containers. If you mix the two categories of recyclables, your driver will leave your recycling for you to sort out.

Note: you may set your Paper, Boxes and Bags out in either the wheeled cart or a tote.paper and plastic bags bin

  • Newspapers and inserts
  • Magazines, catalogs and books
  • Office and writing paper
  • Cardboard*, cereal boxes and brown paper grocery bags
  • Plastic grocery and bread bags

* must be small enough to fit in a brown paper grocery bag

Note: Containers are collected in totes only. plastic containers and cans bin

  • Plastic bottles, jugs and jars
  • Plastic tubs, trays and cups
  • Juice boxes, milk cartons and paper cups
  • Metal cans, foil and trays
  • Glass bottles and jars

How do I set out my recyclables?

There are several important factors to remember when setting out your recyclables for curbside collection:

  • Keep the two categories of recyclables separate. You can do this however you prefer — in a tote and a wheled cart, two totes, a tote and a paper bag, setting a waste basket inside one tote to contain one category — whatever works for you. The categories are outlined above.
  • Always set out at least your wheeled cart or one of the “Emmet County Recycling” green totes. You may use other containers, but an official “Emmet County Recycling” cart or tote is the driver’s cue that materials at the curb are recyclables for collection. If you use containers other than the green “Emmet County Recycling” cart and totes, please choose ones which no larger than our totes. Your driver lifts hundreds of totes a day and repeatedly lifting very large or deep totes can injure them.
  • If you set out your recyclables in a cardboard or plastic container which might be seen as recyclable, please write “Save This Container” on it in permanent marker if you don’t want it collected.

What areas have curbside collection service?

The following communities provide curbside collection of recyclables to most* of their residents:

  • The Village of Alanson
  • Bear Creek Township (including the Bay View Association)
  • Harbor Springs
  • Little Traverse Township
  • Petoskey (including Bay Harbor)
  • Resort Township
    *Exceptions may include roads not accessible to our trucks and private roads or associations which don’t allow large trucks. Also, see the section below on apartments, condos, and businesses for exceptions in some communities.

Curbside collection was also offered to West Traverse, Littlefield, and Springvale townships, however they chose not to participate at this time. Curbside collection is not being offered in the less densely populated areas of the county because long drives between homes would make the service inefficient and expensive.

Are apartments, condominiums, and businesses included?

Full details for apartment, condominium and business curbside recycling services are located here.

Who do I call if I have questions or concerns about curbside service?

Call Emmet County Recycling at 231-348-0640.

How is the service paid for?

The participating towns and townships pay Emmet County Recycling to provide curbside collection service. All of the participating communities found the means to cover the costs within their existing revenues, so there are not any specific fees, assessments, or taxes for this service.

What types of homes, businesses, and institutions are included is up to each community. Generally they don’t pay for larger apartment complexes or businesses, but the guidelines vary from one community to another. (Alternately, businesses and larger residential communities and businesses can contract with Emmet County Recycling directly at low annual rates. For more information, see the sections on apartments and condominiums and businesses.)

Who is operating the service?

Emmet County Recycling (a division of the Emmet County Department of Public Works) operates the curbside recycling program. We’re the same people who operate the County’s Drop-Off Recycling Sites and the Drop-off Center, which includes a Compost Center and Waste Transfer Station.

You can recycle many additional materials (for example clothing, scrap metal, and electronics) at the Drop-off Center. See the Recycling Guide for all of the details.